11. He’s looking for ways to sabotage the relationship

postimyynti morsian Apr 12, 2024

11. He’s looking for ways to sabotage the relationship

And a lot of people fall prey to the illusion that they’ll have variety in their disposition the moment they join dating apps or sites.

This is yet another one of the least mentioned reasons why married men or men in relationships join dating sites or apps.

He’s no longer interested in a relationship with his partner, however, he doesn’t want to communicate that to his partner.

The ‘easy solution’ crosses his mind, and he actively seeks ways to sabotage the relationship, one of them being joining dating sites.

12. The need for emotional or sexual exploration.

He might not be open to his partner about his preferences (sexual or emotional), yet he feels the need to explore himself more in this area.

This, however, does not justify his action. But it is one of the fairly uncommon and undiscussed reasons why men use dating apps while in a relationship.

Instead of communicating this to his partner, he sees this as an ‘It’s not a big deal’ thing to do to feed his curiosity behind his partner’s back.

13. He relies on external sources for validation.

He relies on such a ‘source’ so when he feels desperate to feel validated he’ll go back to that source and get what he’s desperate for.

14. You didn’t define your relationship yet.

That being said, if you haven’t discussed exclusivity yet, then it’s probably okay in his eyes to use dating sites because you’re not his partner yet.

15. The belief, idea, or illusion that he deserves better.

Your partner could be going on dating sites because he believes, or has the idea or illusion that he deserves better.

Relationships can go through rough patches and the partners involved may start struggling to see themselves as compatible with one another.

He might see himself as superior to you, and he just can’t shake off the https://lovingwomen.org/fi/blog/filippiinien-treffisivustot/ idea that he deserves better than you.

16. Revenge.

Some men go to dating sites while in a relationship because their partner has done something wrong or hurtful to them.

17. He thinks you’re doing the same thing.

If he has convinced himself that you’re exploring other options as well, then he might just do it for the hell of it.

“She’s doing the same thing” could be a reason for a man in a relationship to join dating sites, or it could be his way of excusing his wrongful behavior.

This often happens due to a lack of communication, unresolved issues within the relationship, and a lack of openness between partners to understand each other.

18. He’s addicted to dating apps.

Believe it or not, dating apps are addictive. Research has shown that more than 85% of single people are addicted to dating apps.

Dating sites and apps are designed in such a way – getting addicted to them is very likely due to the hormones released in your brain when using them.

In this case, he might not use dating sites to find other people, go on dates with other people, or form a connection.

Is being on a dating site while in a relationship cheating?

Infidelity statistics have shown that 17% of the people in all dating apps use them to commit an affair or to engage in infidelity.

If someone in a relationship uses dating sites to simply look at profiles and not interact with the people it can be considered as not cheating.

But, generally, being on a dating site while in a relationship and engaging with people on the dating site is seen as cheating.

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